2. catsbeaversandducks:

    "Now that it’s spring, I should probably shave my legs."

    Photo by ©maniek and marcelka

  3. love4my2cats:

    He’d kinda like to catch the ribbon ;)

  4. love4my2cats:

    Tosia was chasing her mouse and at the end my husband just put the toy on her head… she didn’t seem to mind ;)

  6. headlikeanorange:

    Fledgling house sparrow

  7. funnyand:

    Bird Photo Bomb

    I was taking a picture through my window and this happened!!

  8. funnycatscutekitty:

    Ristusito :)

  10. rokuthecat:

    Goodmorning from the windowsill by Jeffr
    My cat Binky which maked me awake quite early today says goodmorning!

  11. (Source: ohbutcatstho)

  12. red-lipstick:

    Sebastiano Ranchetti (Florence, Italy) - A Crowd Of Cats Watching You  Drawings: Ink on Paper

    (Source: etsy.com, via studentofvanity)

  13. etsy:

    The Art of Staying Aloft: a photo series by Gloria Wilson of Small Mysteries.

    (via studentofvanity)

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  15. love4my2cats: