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    Fantomah by Fletcher Hanks. 

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    Awesome Day Extra: Mom’s Pewter part 1

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    caracal 2 (by jojobern)

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    Bobcat jumping over a frozen river by Christophe JOBIC

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    Maned Lioness

    Mombo’s Maned Lionesses

    The remainder of the pride consisted of another (maneless) lioness and her two cubs. Martina herself was never seen to conceive and give birth to cubs even though she was observed mating on one occasion.

    This pride never managed to successfully settle down in the area. This was most likely due to the high density of lions and the intense competition amongst male lions for territorial control. As an apparent young male with a pride, Martina was regularly harassed and hounded by marauding male lion coalitions and eventually left the area, the pride moving to the south and west never to be seen again….”

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    A pseudo-melanistic leopard.


    I can’t ever not reblog this leopard. Humans breed animals like leopards and tigers in captivity for looks but still can’t even come close to how cool some of the wild specimens are just out walking around.

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    Bobcat Mother and Kitten by Tim Fitzharris

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