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    Only found in Queensland rainforest, the Lumholtz tree Kangaroo has a short stocky body with an extremely long tail which it uses for balance. They are very agile in the trees it uses its powerful limbs both fore and hind to climb even thin branches. Its cushioned and rough soled feet help it to cling to tree trunks.

    Unlike other kangaroos it can use its hind legs (like walking) not always in a hopping motion. They can leap long distances (up to 15 meters) by pushing with its legs of the tree trunk and then twisting in mid air to land perfectly at its destination.

    Off to google for more of these cute Roos I didn’t know about…

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    Taken off of Taxidermy.Net.  One of the members there posted this picture of a wolf that was taken in Russia.  As you can see, there is something very wrong with this wolf.  Some said it is a spinal defect that made it this way.  Interesting never the less and hopefully this animal will provide answers.  I’m more shocked that an animal like this manage to live to adulthood in such a harsh environment.  Also this picture isn’t photoshopped as there was additional images showing this wolf.

    A selection of dogs with short spine disorder:

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    Best Cat Video Compilation - The Friskies Awards 2014

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    Artist by Gamarnik


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    such a sweet babe.

    I’m hoping to get a few of my own soon.

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    First day at school, Gaza, Palestine.

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